Aral Sea(Before and After)

Aral sea, the 4th biggest lake in the world, is now separated into two small lake as the Sea began to dry. The Sea has shrunk by two-thirds in fifty years. During the 1960s, The soviet government diverted amu darya and syr darya to grow cotton. They believe that cotton crops are much more important than the sea. Farmland around the sea was also the cost of the dry up sea as they used a massive amount of water from the sea while industry also need to use them. While most of the problems are caused by Human, climate change also played a part in recent years. But don’t worry! After the Soviet Union disbanded, Kazakhstan is working on restoring the sea by building dams. I’ve made a before and after picture of the sea. It’s 16 years apart starting from 2000 to 2016! Wanna see the differences? Click

MUN-Delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan

Have you ever been to MUN? Now, I am participating in Ispp Mun which is coming soon! I am the Delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan. I am in General Assembly 1. There are 3 topics in my committee. They are; The Question of using Biological weapons and Biological warfare, The Question of security against Cyber Warfare, and The Question of the use of Artificial Intelligence in warfare!  If you don’t know what is MUN, MUN is short for Model United Nation! It is an educational activity which student are given countries and

MUN last year

problems to research and solve together. For some people, MUN is easy but for some… it challenging! Imagine you’re sitting in a classroom with 2 Chairs(not the actual ”chair” but they are someone who leads us) with some students from different school. The Chairs are the one in control of your action. Even if you want to use the bathroom, you need to ask them first! For me, It’s pretty normal. Because I like to meet new friend and the best part is that I get to see some of my old friend from last year MUN! Until October 27th, I still got a lot of time to write resolutions(papers with solutions for each problem). I am proud to declare that I have finished my Opening Speech for The Republic of Kazakhstan. And here it is:

Good Evening Honorable Chairs, Courageous Delegates, and Respectful Guests. The delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan is very concerned about all of this issues that are happening right now! Delegates, this is a threat to all nations across the world and we should contribute to solving these matters. The Republic of Kazakhstan has never pursued a Biological warfare program and acceded to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) in 2007. However, its territory was used extensively by the Soviet government for research, production, and testing of biological warfare agents. The country is also trying to build a cyber shield against a cyber threat to counter-recruiting and propaganda online. Indeed, Kazakhstan is trying to build robots but it was not meant for war. Yet, the country builds it for HealthCare purpose only. The delegate of the Republic of Kazakhstan is ready to come up with some ideas and support all delegates to create a fine resolution. Thank you