Potrait Project

What is my idea on portrait photo?

I’ve got a year and a half of photography experience and yet I haven’t even like doing portrait photo. Here’s my explanation. Before I go deep into explaining, The type of photo I usually take is either the normal close up of object type or the landscape. I have no interest in taking portrait photo. Taking landscape pictures is way better than doing portrait. By doing landscape, you can get to capture your objective while also capturing the area surrounding them. I like to take pictures of people being dramatic while being somewhat emotional. It is really beautiful as people get to see more of the photo and can also put it as a wallpaper. I’ve never actually got myself to do some portrait photo since I began to take interest in photography. But as I take more and more pictures, I came to realize that the topic of my photo is usually of “Mood and facial reaction ”. Sometime it can be really sad, sometime it can be really happy. I take photo of object mostly and sometime I take it at a setting that make the objective more emotional than it might be. And as I go more and more, I realize that portrait is the best answer for the topic I’m doing. “Mood and facial reaction”. I’ve have done some research and to be honest, taking a portrait photo is as easy as landscape except it has a different point of view. Portrait is usually mean faces so the photo would probably show more emotion of the face than anything else. So this point right here is why I am willing to give portrait style a try. Its show emotion of people, how they feel and how they react to a certain actions. Editing was also important in this as it can change the mood of the audience who are looking at a certain type of photo. For example, some photo can be of a person looking rather depressed. In my opinion, the best way of making the emotion more powerful is to make it into black and white. It kind of gets this vibe when you see a picture of people looking depressed in black and white. As for my editing style, it can be different from other fellow photographers as I usually take emotional photos. My editing for that was to blacken the background although not too black because I want them to see the background. I’ll probably litten up the face a bit so it can show more of the emotional side. Don’t get me wrong but portrait is a great style for taking emotional pictures while landscape can be of various things. I’ve got one week to work on my portrait and I am happy to announce that I am proud of my own work



Conclusion: What have I learn from this?

First off, I will be continuing the topic that I’ve focus on for about 3 month now. Second, I’m falling in love with portrait and will do more photo with the style. Now, I can’t say that portrait is good neither it is bad. All I can say is that portrait photo can show more emotion of the person than landscape due to the fact that portrait are usually close up of faces which can and will show more emotion of the person. Portrait usually have more option for editing because it is rather a small photo and only focus on object. For landscape you have limit options when editing because it can affect the whole photo. Portrait are more focus and people tend to like it more.

As for my conclusion, It’s never too late to try something new. Taking portrait photo was an amazing experience. Now if you excuse me, I’ll be off taking more portrait photo!