Changing Cambodia 2017-2018

Hi, I’m Sum VicheathChornson. I am a 13 year old junior student studying at Liger Leadership Academy. I came here last year. I live in Phnom Penh with my mom. Liger is a school located near Takmao. Liger mission was to change their student into Change Agent of Cambodia. Now let take a wonderful and relaxing journey into my documentary about my second year at Liger. As you might know… Cambodia is slowly developing its economic, agriculture, education, infrastructure and etc.  Cambodia has a lot of hard-working people who try to develop the country. I believe that even if you are a small kid, you can make a small change to Cambodia also. Sometime We don’t have to make big change at the moment but we can start of by doing little things. What little thing you may ask? Well, why don’t you start off by picking up plastics that were left on the street, help the elders and more than what my mind can think of right at this instant moment. Another example is that RIGHT NOW, You are making change to your mind by reading or listening to this. And I can promise you that you will think different after hearing and reading about my HICC. Now let talk about change. You see, we can all make change to our country if we have collaboration. There are people fighting against the discrimination and making it equal. There are also people going around the provinces talking and telling people about Gender Equity. Now this is all the thing that we called CHANGE! And for me, I make a bit of Change to Cambodian citizen. I changed people mind by making them think in different ways. And down below is the prove that I have change the Gorgeous and Amazing citizen of Kingdom of Cambodia. There are elders who has a hard life working for their children life. But some elders were afraid or shy to tell their hard life to their children. I was in one of the exploration called”Human Of Cambodia”. Human Of Cambodia was inspired by The Human of New York. Human of New York is a website created by Branton Stanton . He goes around the world asking for people stories.  After looking at the fabulous stories. We decided why don’t do it like him but with Cambodia citizen! SO in this exploration, we learn how to make website and interview people for their story. Our Mission was to get a quote from the people we interview. And We also write stories about them. We wanted the next generation to know that people work hard to get money. As both of my eye can see, now Teenager in Cambodia usually use drug or hang out with their gang. I feel like this things is wrong because to develop Cambodia we need the people who work hard. We change our country with people that has knowledge and the courage to work hard. Especially, People who has Faith In Humanity will be the right one to make changes. Not with people who use drug, steal people stuff or destroy people properties. Now enough of this chaotic, let’s get to the Interview part. As we interview, we don’t have to write any script at all. We want to make connection with them much more easier rather than going to them holding a piece of paper with all of the question in it and ask the question in their form. For us, we just went to ask them some very simple question and then we followed with more complex one. Then as we get to know them and they gain trust from us, we started to get in deeper and deeper into their life story. People gave really great quote about their life like this one” I work hard because of people discrimination”. This quote mean that the person who told the story work hard because of people who make discrimination happen. They are working to eliminate Discrimination. They don’t do this intentionally. They do it because they care! Also, There are sad, happy and life quote we got from people. I feel like in this exploration, me and my friend has taught people to be brave. To share their story to stranger because they want them to know how hard people works. Also to stand for themself and speak. Let make our country a better place, shall we? Lady and Gentleman, Future Change agent of Cambodia… This is will be the end of this essay and I shall say that this is only one small step of changing Cambodia for me. And I’ll promise you that I will make better changes next year and Next year is gonna be different.