Math Test

The Test

TEST!!! When some people heard this word, They think it is the worst thing ever. But not for math lover! Last week in Math class, We were told that we have to take a small test. After hearing this, I felt so happy that I know I could scream right at the time. I have been waiting for a math test so I could know what could I improve. Now, There was a challenge I put myself into… DO NOT REVIEW ANYTHING! Days went by and I can’t wait to take the first test in the school year ever. When the test day came, I knew that I was ready to put my effort into completing the test and ace it. After 10 minutes of changing, thinking, doing multiplication, and also time the number, I finish the test and open the other tap to see the score… I GOT ONE QUESTION WRONG! I was glad that I have a problem to improve! When I finish looking at the grade, I went to look at the incorrect question and There I knew I got that wrong because of my own confusion. Now, I have something to improve on and looking forward to mastering the problem itself.

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