“Poison” Roald Dahl

Have you ever read a meaning of a story so different from the actual story that you thought it was a mistake? Well, This Friday in Hannah’s class, we were reading a story that was written by Roald Dahl. The story name was ”Poison”. The story goes like this, a guy name Tim live with a guy name Harry. When Tim return home, Harry told Tim that there a snake on his belly. Tim couldn’t see it because Harry body was covered in blanket. Then Tim proceed to call Dr.Ganderbai. He was describe as a little Indian man. He came and manage to shoot a syringe into Harry’s body. After a while, He use a liquid that would freeze the snake. After waiting for about 15 minutes, he then tell Tim to get ready and pull the blanket. When they both pull it, all they see was nothing. Harry said that the snake might go into his pyjamas and when Dr. Ganderbai heard that, he started to get ready to strike the snake again. For a moment later, Harry jump out of the bed as if he got bitten. But when he stop, there was nothing there. Dr. Ganderbai said that Harry need to relax a bit because he might be day dreaming. Harry then said that Dr. Ganderbai thought he was lying and he call him “a dirty little Hindu sewer rat!”.

After reading this story, some people said that this story is a story based on racism. For more informations to understand, As I describe in my summary”Dr.Ganderbai was describe as a little Indian man”. Who would describe him in such a way? Some also believe that this is just a story about a guy who want to seek revenge on someone. Well, for me I believe that this story is about people being racist to other people from different nations.

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