Multimedia-Drawing Game

In Multimedia today, We learn about programming. For the first session, We discuss about the question of ”What is programming?” We then explain it to the whole class. After explaining, we got to do an activity which a player hold a piece of paper with drawing in it. That player is called player 1. He/She is the person who is gonna tell the other person what to draw. BUT He/She cannot point or act it, He/She can only describe it in words. Player 2 are the one who listen to player 1 and draw the pictures. There are bunch of pictures of cow, sheep, zebra, pig, and much more! After playing a bunch of time, we stop and look at other drawings. Now, you might ask yourself “Why is the drawing game related to programming?”. Well, Programming is the process of coding and controlling the computer. In this game, Player 1 acted as the programmer or the coder. Player 2 act as the computer! Without Player 1, Player 2 wouldn’t have any information so He/She will just stay still.

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