About me!

Hello Generous people! Welcome to my portfolio! My name is VicheathChornson Sum. Vi is the name of my grandma and my mom. Cheath is the name of my dad, Chornson is my name and Sum is my grandfather name!  And  I am 13 years old. I am part of the Islam religion meaning that I am one of many Muslim people in the world. You might know this but I also have an Islam name which is Muhammad Naim. I was born in Phnom Penh(The Heart of Cambodia). At the age of 11, I got a phenomenal opportunity to come to Liger Leadership Academy. Ever since then, My life was Change!

At LLA, I have been given so MANY great opportunities that other people outside wouldn’t get to do! And I am grateful for it. Through those opportunities, I have had a lot of experiences with different things including MUN, photographs, Camping, and also developing my English! I love researching about random world history! As the younger of the family being born after my third brother was 15, I don’t like interacting with stranger but I have pushed myself and is now slowly facing my fear. I do have older brothers but they have all find their family and live in peace. Besides from being an Introvert, I love to play football, riding bike and even dancing! As I learn in Liger, They started to introduce me to Change Agent Characteristic! Furthermore, After looking in the mirror and asking myself…I have come to conclude that problem solving, Networker, Passionate and Calculated risk taker is the thing that defines who I am today.


As I learn in Liger, I have found myself wanting to develop my country and also demolishing the world conflicts. I want to BRING peace into the world. I have found myself wanting to work for the United Nation and to start…I need to push myself. And YES I have been in MUN before and I LOVE IT! It’s an event that ignited my interest in helping the world!

I hope you enjoy visiting my portfolio and know some basic information about me! And remember that YOU are a smart and worthy individual that the world needs.


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