Aral Sea(Before and After)

Aral sea, the 4th biggest lake in the world, is now separated into two small lake as the Sea began to dry. The Sea has shrunk by two-thirds in fifty years. During the 1960s, The soviet government diverted amu darya and syr darya to grow cotton. They believe that cotton crops are much more important than the sea. Farmland around the sea was also the cost of the dry up sea as they used a massive amount of water from the sea while industry also need to use them. While most of the problems are caused by Human, climate change also played a part in recent years. But don’t worry! After the Soviet Union disbanded, Kazakhstan is working on restoring the sea by building dams. I’ve made a before and after picture of the sea. It’s 16 years apart starting from 2000 to 2016! Wanna see the differences? Click

Potrait Project

What is my idea on portrait photo?

I’ve got a year and a half of photography experience and yet I haven’t even like doing portrait photo. Here’s my explanation. Before I go deep into explaining, The type of photo I usually take is either the normal close up of object type or the landscape. I have no interest in taking portrait photo. Taking landscape pictures is way better than doing portrait. By doing landscape, you can get to capture your objective while also capturing the area surrounding them. I like to take pictures of people being dramatic while being somewhat emotional. It is really beautiful as people get to see more of the photo and can also put it as a wallpaper. I’ve never actually got myself to do some portrait photo since I began to take interest in photography. But as I take more and more pictures, I came to realize that the topic of my photo is usually of “Mood and facial reaction ”. Sometime it can be really sad, sometime it can be really happy. I take photo of object mostly and sometime I take it at a setting that make the objective more emotional than it might be. And as I go more and more, I realize that portrait is the best answer for the topic I’m doing. “Mood and facial reaction”. I’ve have done some research and to be honest, taking a portrait photo is as easy as landscape except it has a different point of view. Portrait is usually mean faces so the photo would probably show more emotion of the face than anything else. So this point right here is why I am willing to give portrait style a try. Its show emotion of people, how they feel and how they react to a certain actions. Editing was also important in this as it can change the mood of the audience who are looking at a certain type of photo. For example, some photo can be of a person looking rather depressed. In my opinion, the best way of making the emotion more powerful is to make it into black and white. It kind of gets this vibe when you see a picture of people looking depressed in black and white. As for my editing style, it can be different from other fellow photographers as I usually take emotional photos. My editing for that was to blacken the background although not too black because I want them to see the background. I’ll probably litten up the face a bit so it can show more of the emotional side. Don’t get me wrong but portrait is a great style for taking emotional pictures while landscape can be of various things. I’ve got one week to work on my portrait and I am happy to announce that I am proud of my own work



Conclusion: What have I learn from this?

First off, I will be continuing the topic that I’ve focus on for about 3 month now. Second, I’m falling in love with portrait and will do more photo with the style. Now, I can’t say that portrait is good neither it is bad. All I can say is that portrait photo can show more emotion of the person than landscape due to the fact that portrait are usually close up of faces which can and will show more emotion of the person. Portrait usually have more option for editing because it is rather a small photo and only focus on object. For landscape you have limit options when editing because it can affect the whole photo. Portrait are more focus and people tend to like it more.

As for my conclusion, It’s never too late to try something new. Taking portrait photo was an amazing experience. Now if you excuse me, I’ll be off taking more portrait photo!

If/Elif/Else Statement

In Multimedia, we started to learn about Python. Ever wonder what is a Python? Python is a high-level programming language designed to be easy to read and simple to implement. Now, in Python we have a lot of functions and code. This include the If statement which I will be talking about. You might be wondering, what is If statement? An if statement is a programming conditional statement that, if proved true, performs a function or displays information. Here is an Example:

Viade = 189

Wurple = 389

if Wurple > Viade:

print(“Wurple is the best player”)

What should be the result? The result should be a sentence that is “Wurple is the best player”

Now there also elif statement. An elif is a statement that will continue if statement. How? If the If is wrong then it will run the elif. An Elif statement can be like this:


Viade = 189

Wurple = 189

if Wurple < Viade:

print(“Wurple is the best player”)

elif Viade == Wurple:

print(“Viade and Wurple are both equal players”)

But what happen if both statement fail? Well no worries because we got an else statement! An else statement is like a executioner! We use it at the end because if both statement fail us, else is here to save the day! An else statement example can be like this:

Viade = 189

Wurple = 389

if Wurple < Viade:

   print(“Wurple is the best player”)

elif Viade == Wurple:

   print(“Viade and Wurple are both equal players”)


print(“Wurple is slightly better than Viade”)

This should be the result of your code. Here is a screenshot I put in to help you:


Photo Session

For last week lesson, we learn about how to take a photo and a different angle. Here are some example;

Eye perspective


Extreme Close up
Bird Eyes view

I also had a lot of fun taking the photo, there are really crazy and dramatic one I want to show you. 

Just us chilling and being dramatic a bit. Left is me and right is sis Chan
We were doing some expectation vs reality and yeah it kinda turns out like that.
Vuochnea taking photos and manage a smile herself

Some photos are being edited and if you want to see more, please go to my personal learning to see more!


In English literacy this week, our facilitator gave us a topic and some source related to the topic to research about. The topic was”Schools should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead, they should only give written feedback”. There is two ideal side in which they are Agree and Disagree. This is kinda like a MUN/Debate or we can call it Philosophical Chairs. It is a process which when you are debating, you can change side if you feel like it. This is your choice and if the other team is convincing enough for you to actually think it’s true, then changing side is a very good option. There are so many students to want to stay in the middle(abstain) but we only have two choices so we choose what side we think is better or to be more realistic, the side that we think is very strong. Well, we actually have an equal side which was surprising. For me, On one hand, I agree to eliminate this topic because when the kid gets an F on their test, there is a chance that their parent might not be happy with them. They will either receive punishment or get the blame for it. This will lead to the child having no hope and courage to continue their learning. On the other hand, getting graded also encourage the student to want to study more. It was a very fruitful and respectful debate as we listen to each other points and ask some questions. I think that this is a very debatable topic and it is a problem that we don’t really focus on. This is also a jolly good event for us to get to know more of our friend’s nature. It is an event that allow us to see the savage, calm and the really joyful side of our friends who never show it during normal but only on the debate time. Tell me what side you’re in(Agree or Disagree) and tell me some valid reason.  

Math Test

The Test

TEST!!! When some people heard this word, They think it is the worst thing ever. But not for math lover! Last week in Math class, We were told that we have to take a small test. After hearing this, I felt so happy that I know I could scream right at the time. I have been waiting for a math test so I could know what could I improve. Now, There was a challenge I put myself into… DO NOT REVIEW ANYTHING! Days went by and I can’t wait to take the first test in the school year ever. When the test day came, I knew that I was ready to put my effort into completing the test and ace it. After 10 minutes of changing, thinking, doing multiplication, and also time the number, I finish the test and open the other tap to see the score… I GOT ONE QUESTION WRONG! I was glad that I have a problem to improve! When I finish looking at the grade, I went to look at the incorrect question and There I knew I got that wrong because of my own confusion. Now, I have something to improve on and looking forward to mastering the problem itself.

MUN-Delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan

Have you ever been to MUN? Now, I am participating in Ispp Mun which is coming soon! I am the Delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan. I am in General Assembly 1. There are 3 topics in my committee. They are; The Question of using Biological weapons and Biological warfare, The Question of security against Cyber Warfare, and The Question of the use of Artificial Intelligence in warfare!  If you don’t know what is MUN, MUN is short for Model United Nation! It is an educational activity which student are given countries and

MUN last year

problems to research and solve together. For some people, MUN is easy but for some… it challenging! Imagine you’re sitting in a classroom with 2 Chairs(not the actual ”chair” but they are someone who leads us) with some students from different school. The Chairs are the one in control of your action. Even if you want to use the bathroom, you need to ask them first! For me, It’s pretty normal. Because I like to meet new friend and the best part is that I get to see some of my old friend from last year MUN! Until October 27th, I still got a lot of time to write resolutions(papers with solutions for each problem). I am proud to declare that I have finished my Opening Speech for The Republic of Kazakhstan. And here it is:

Good Evening Honorable Chairs, Courageous Delegates, and Respectful Guests. The delegate of The Republic of Kazakhstan is very concerned about all of this issues that are happening right now! Delegates, this is a threat to all nations across the world and we should contribute to solving these matters. The Republic of Kazakhstan has never pursued a Biological warfare program and acceded to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) in 2007. However, its territory was used extensively by the Soviet government for research, production, and testing of biological warfare agents. The country is also trying to build a cyber shield against a cyber threat to counter-recruiting and propaganda online. Indeed, Kazakhstan is trying to build robots but it was not meant for war. Yet, the country builds it for HealthCare purpose only. The delegate of the Republic of Kazakhstan is ready to come up with some ideas and support all delegates to create a fine resolution. Thank you


Multimedia-Drawing Game

In Multimedia today, We learn about programming. For the first session, We discuss about the question of ”What is programming?” We then explain it to the whole class. After explaining, we got to do an activity which a player hold a piece of paper with drawing in it. That player is called player 1. He/She is the person who is gonna tell the other person what to draw. BUT He/She cannot point or act it, He/She can only describe it in words. Player 2 are the one who listen to player 1 and draw the pictures. There are bunch of pictures of cow, sheep, zebra, pig, and much more! After playing a bunch of time, we stop and look at other drawings. Now, you might ask yourself “Why is the drawing game related to programming?”. Well, Programming is the process of coding and controlling the computer. In this game, Player 1 acted as the programmer or the coder. Player 2 act as the computer! Without Player 1, Player 2 wouldn’t have any information so He/She will just stay still.

About me!

Hello Generous people! Welcome to my portfolio! My name is VicheathChornson Sum. Vi is the name of my grandma and my mom. Cheath is the name of my dad, Chornson is my name and Sum is my grandfather name!  And  I am 13 years old. I am part of the Islam religion meaning that I am one of many Muslim people in the world. You might know this but I also have an Islam name which is Muhammad Naim. I was born in Phnom Penh(The Heart of Cambodia). At the age of 11, I got a phenomenal opportunity to come to Liger Leadership Academy. Ever since then, My life was Change!

At LLA, I have been given so MANY great opportunities that other people outside wouldn’t get to do! And I am grateful for it. Through those opportunities, I have had a lot of experiences with different things including MUN, photographs, Camping, and also developing my English! I love researching about random world history! As the younger of the family being born after my third brother was 15, I don’t like interacting with stranger but I have pushed myself and is now slowly facing my fear. I do have older brothers but they have all find their family and live in peace. Besides from being an Introvert, I love to play football, riding bike and even dancing! As I learn in Liger, They started to introduce me to Change Agent Characteristic! Furthermore, After looking in the mirror and asking myself…I have come to conclude that problem solving, Networker, Passionate and Calculated risk taker is the thing that defines who I am today.


As I learn in Liger, I have found myself wanting to develop my country and also demolishing the world conflicts. I want to BRING peace into the world. I have found myself wanting to work for the United Nation and to start…I need to push myself. And YES I have been in MUN before and I LOVE IT! It’s an event that ignited my interest in helping the world!

I hope you enjoy visiting my portfolio and know some basic information about me! And remember that YOU are a smart and worthy individual that the world needs.


“Poison” Roald Dahl

Have you ever read a meaning of a story so different from the actual story that you thought it was a mistake? Well, This Friday in Hannah’s class, we were reading a story that was written by Roald Dahl. The story name was ”Poison”. The story goes like this, a guy name Tim live with a guy name Harry. When Tim return home, Harry told Tim that there a snake on his belly. Tim couldn’t see it because Harry body was covered in blanket. Then Tim proceed to call Dr.Ganderbai. He was describe as a little Indian man. He came and manage to shoot a syringe into Harry’s body. After a while, He use a liquid that would freeze the snake. After waiting for about 15 minutes, he then tell Tim to get ready and pull the blanket. When they both pull it, all they see was nothing. Harry said that the snake might go into his pyjamas and when Dr. Ganderbai heard that, he started to get ready to strike the snake again. For a moment later, Harry jump out of the bed as if he got bitten. But when he stop, there was nothing there. Dr. Ganderbai said that Harry need to relax a bit because he might be day dreaming. Harry then said that Dr. Ganderbai thought he was lying and he call him “a dirty little Hindu sewer rat!”.

After reading this story, some people said that this story is a story based on racism. For more informations to understand, As I describe in my summary”Dr.Ganderbai was describe as a little Indian man”. Who would describe him in such a way? Some also believe that this is just a story about a guy who want to seek revenge on someone. Well, for me I believe that this story is about people being racist to other people from different nations.